Busy? Here are the solutions to clean your house

Busy? Here are the solutions to clean your house
While most people are busy with their daily works,  cleaning house or offices became a big duty for families and companies. However, you do not need to spend time on cleaning your house, we have special solutions for you to clean your messy houses. KHB Media held an interview with Mr. Uy Rathany, Managing Director of Buddle Plus, on cleaning daily house. “Establishing this home cleaning service is to keep up with the dynamics of constructions and real estate in Cambodia,” said Uy Rathany. The company has opened for 2 years with 150 staffs, including 130 women. With innovation and creativity, Buddle Plus has several services such as:
  1. Daily Cleaning Service
The company has daily cleaning staffs that customers can choose with an acceptable price.
  1. Abandon Building and New Building
The company uses high quality cleaning and soap that suit the cleaning of abandoned buildings and newly constructed buildings.
  1. Preparing System
This is a unique service from other companies because Buddle Plus includes installing and protecting the monster in the wall to avoid damage to your furniture by the cones.
  1. Cleaning High Building Service
Rathany said the cleaning of such buildings seemed risky, but stressed that the company had purchased a quality and cost-effective cleaning and cleaning equipment, coupled with highly experienced staffs.
  1. Insect Repellent and Garden
The services are included: spraying insect pests, mice, mosquitoes at home, restaurants, condos, and the maintenance and cleaning of gardens by a skilled staff, along with cutting tools and cutting branches. Some customers are reluctant to contact a cleaner to clean the apartment or building because they do not trust the staff to clean or damage the property. But now you do not have to be afraid because the capital ensures that Buddle Plus's employees are honest and if there is damage to property during cleaning, he will pay back damages. According to his observations in Cambodia, there are only a dozen clean-up companies, but there are only about 10 standard companies, including five or six foreign companies. He suggested that Cambodian cleaning companies should not compete the price, but on the quality and efficiency so that customers can have good and reliable services.
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